maandag 9 augustus 2010


Samburu Warriors

The Northern part of Kenya is one of the poorest and most marginalized parts of Kenya.
This is where the Samburu tribe lives. An ancient people with strong culture and traditions. They are nomadic pastoralists who live in traditional manyattas in houses made of sticks that are easy to move in the constant search for water and pasture for their animals. Their cows, goats and camels provide milk, blood and meat that are their only source of food.
The land is semi arid and is subject to frequent droughts. The droughts are escalating in frequency and intensity. In the last drought they lost 80% of their cows and 60% of their goats.

On August 8th 2010 the community of Samburu in Sereolipi village held a traditional blessing ceremony. They wanted to bless the office for the scholarship program and a new car. And they wanted to bless JWT as a sponsor of thir scholarship students and also the generous individuals who have joined JWT’s initiative. and all the sponsors of the scholarship students.

Samburuland, Noord Kenia.
Reportage over een 'Blessing Ceremony'

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