dinsdag 7 april 2009


All fraud & corruption charges against Jacob Zuma are dropped. With 15 days left before the national elections, political commentators are saying that a complete realignment is the only way to get SA back on track.
Some South Africans are so shocked by yesterday's announcement about Zuma, they are making a desperate call to unite against the present ANC leaders.
It seems the idea is even supported by high-profile ANC members who cannot stomach what they call: " ...the shame that Zuma has brought to our country." 
"We will ask to put aside our differences and focus our energy on defeating the Zuma/Malema/Zwelibanzi Vavi Gang...the bunch who have hijacked the noble ideals of the ANC for their own evil ends!"

Elections in South Africa are planned on april 22 nd. Jacob Zuma is likely to become the new president unless...

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