vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Oom Buks All Right

Message from Patricia Glyn:

I have just received news from the Kalahari that Andrew Gouws (the manager of Upington Spar) and his brother have just visited Buks Kruiper and his family at Witdraai.  

The Kruipers felt that they'd been treated with dignity and respect during the meeting, that there had been no effort by the Gouwses to deny what had happened in their store, and that the brothers were genuinely apologetic and sincere.  They were appalled by the poverty-stricken circumstances in which they found Buks and want to do everything they can to ameliorate his living conditions. They also want to ensure that he gets the best possible medical treatment.

Buks returned to Upington with the Gouwses and will be put up in a B&B tonight.  Tomorrow he will see a doctor and then a decision will be made as to how to proceed with his treatment.  Should he need to go to Johannesburg, Buks will catch the same flight as Phillipa on Friday evening (which she has already booked). If not, he will be driven back to his home and will then come to Jhb for his cataract operation with Toppie and Jon, as arranged by Richard Gordon.

The pro bono team at Bowmans have been fabulous and are agreed that we should hold off on any legal action pending how things pan out.

So, for now I think our old friend is being well cared for and I will keep you all in the loop as things unfold.

Thank you for all your suggestions, help and support.  I continue to hope that this appalling incident will have a silver lining for the Khomani community and particularly for Oom Buksie.

Patricia Glyn

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